Robot SS2 – Wall Destruction 10895637 Videohive – Free Download Motion Graphic

Alpha Channel Yes | Video Encoding Photo JPEG | 1920×1080 | 217 Mb

Animation is done by first Robot SS2 comes on the scene looked into the camera and then your remote controller. After having looked at the remote controller button is pressed on it after which it moves into the right corner of the screen to get away from the robot arm, which is activated by pressing a button on his remote controller. Robotic arm placed explosives on the wall located behind the Robot SS2 and out of the frame, after which the robot SS2 again presses the button on his remote controller and activates the bomb that blows the wall. Broken wall leaves behind empty space alpha channel where you can set your video image or logo. At the end of the animation robot looked in the hole that was created on the wall and leaves the scene..


-Zip folder contains:

  1. Robot SS2 – Wall

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