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There are 2 factors in creating better and more engaging video effects, the “Technical Ability” and “The Creative Mind-Set”…

Here’s Exactly How We’ll Grow

FlatpackFX – MotionFX Pro Video Effects Course 2020 includes


Module 1 is all about the Hardware, introducing you to everything you will need to create video effects from the computer to the software.

Camera Techniques

Module 2 is understanding your camera. Video Effects is precisely that it is digital effects that have been added over Video footage. It’s an integral part of the process, and you can’t have one without the other.

After Effects

This Module is all about learning After Effects from the ground up. I’ve broken it down into smaller sections, making it easy for you to go back and find the right information whenever you need it.

Visual Effects “VFX”

Get ready to learn Advanced After Effects techniques, from green screens to advanced tracking and Masking techniques. This module covers the most essential skills you need to know for creating video effects.

Creating Your Style

Do you know how to create your own style? Well, this is precisely what we cover in this module, taking you on a deep dive into what makes up a UNIQUE Style. I show you how the top creators do it and how you can analyze and replicate effects yourself!

Video Effects

Here are some Step by Step tutorials to test your After Effects skills. These popular video effects have been strategically chosen to test the skills you have learned throughout this course.

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