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Artbeats – Nature: Nightsky HD Vol.2 (1080p)
Full HD (1080p) | Progressive | QuickTime (mov) | 30.79 GB

It’s incredibly difficult to film dusk-to-dawn timelapse, especially in the cold Northern latitudes. Add a horizon full of aurora borealis and you have truly rare and spectacular footage. That’s what we bring to you in Nightsky, the best celestial timelapse we’ve ever seen. The Earth’s rotation is dramatically visible as the camera is either locked to the horizon, or is rotating with the stars. Afternoon through dusk-to-night, night shots, and night-through-dawn clips can be linked for seamless afternoon-to-morning series. HD collection features a selection of 22 clips.

Field Rendering: Progressive
Frame Rate:       29.97
Total Length:     05:29:11
Average Length:   14:29

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